Tuesday, May 18, 2010

05.17.10 show

I’ve always been a sucker for “limited edition” records. In my punk rock dj days, the hot records to own were Halo of Flies seven inches on Amphetamine Reptile or releases from the Sub Pop Singles Club. So when I read that Mike Derhnert’s MD II was pressed at only 150, the record collecting dork in me took over.

Of course I knew at some point someone would post both tracks online, but I own the vinyl and that gives me bragging rights.

If you listened to my show in the past, you know I’m a big fan of Marcel Dettmann. I just love that Berghain sound; soulless and cold yet funky, minimal yet complex. He recently released his first full-length album, Dettman, on Ostgut Ton records, and from the tracks I’ve listened to, it’s a must own.

As much as nerd out over limited released records, I'm equally nerdy about records by "unknown" artist. Such is the case with CUB. Dark, eerie, and German. Perfect for my show.

I'll be playing the flip of the CUB record next week. You know you don't want to miss hearing it. But if you do, you can stream all WZBC shows for two weeks at zbconline.com

As I mentioned, or rather bragged on air last night, WZBC is the only Boston area radio station that plays techno and electronic music with any regularity. And I'm excited to be part of the Monday night line up along with the Jugendstil, Green, and Selsyn programs for the summer.

I'm experimenting with posting my shows on the blog, via archive.org. Should I bother?

Part One

Part Two

Monday, May 17, 2010


At the request of Pete from the Love and Mathmatics show, I’m re-launching the FTB blog. Yes, it only took one person to inflate my ego enough to start posting again.

He told me that although he likes the music I play, he isn’t familiar with the artists or record labels, and found the blog helpful in learning more about the techno/minimal/dubstep worlds.

I know how overwhelming it can be with all the genres and subgenres. It took me years to make sense of the electronic music scene.

Take House music for example. Juno.co.uk list the following under the House music banner:

Deep House

Electro House


Funky House

Vocal House

Disco House

Soulful House

Hard House

Minimal House

Tech House

Progressive House

Scouse House

Bouncy House

Kind of ridiculous, yeah?

I’m not promoting myself as any kind of electronic music Professor or know-it-all, nor will my show be in any way educational. I’ll leave that to the fine DJs who host the WHRB orgies.

I’ll write a bit about records, artists, producers, and labels I like and play on the show, and maybe it will encourage some of you to delve deeper.

Or you can just listen and enjoy.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

07.17.09 show

I’ve decided not to update this blog weekly any longer (although the radio show will continue). I just have nothing to write about, really. If you want any more information on the artists or records played on my show, you can find the playlists here.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

07.03.09 show

My boss at my first job was fond of saying "Excuses are like a**holes. Everyone's got one and they all stink." So I'll spare you the smelly reasons why this weeks show was so lackluster.

However, yesterday's Fed Ex package contained some great new dubstep and techno releases from Mala, Vista, K1, Frozen Border, and others that will compensate.

I'll be hosting Test Pattern this Friday on the Z, from 6-7pm, playing an hours worth of Roxanne, Roxanne answer records. Joining me will be co-host Brian Coleman, former WZBC dj and author of Check the Technique, and Carly Carlioli, writer for The Boston Phoenix and Roxanne, Roxanne answer record authority.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

06.26.09 show

After weeks of not being in stock, and then in stock for one day, and then not in stock again for weeks, the latest Coki release finally arrived in the mail. I wasn't a huge Coki fan back in the day (and in dubstep years I mean two years ago), but with this release, and his latest on DMZ from late last year, I'm interested in his future releases.

Cotti, (who I often mix up with Coki and vice-versa), released a three song record on Studio Rockers last month. The vocal and dub versions of "Warrior Charge" I found kind of dull, but "Lost & Found" is one of those off kilter/wobbly/doesn't sound quite right/I need to listen to it a couple of times records that keeps me interested. Studio Rockers also put out a record by Hackman that I like, but I think I'll wait for the mp3 release.

Z Audio, which is a distributor rather than label, has been putting out some great stuff lately from the likes of Rob Sparx, Bar 9, and the latest from Indigo, on a bunch of different labels that I can't keep straight. Boomkat gave the Indigo record a good review, and wrote that Mary Anne Hobbs supported it, and that was enough for me to check it.

As I wrote previously, I'm a newb to Ostgut Ton records. And like a kid in a candy store, substituting kid for middle aged guy and candy store for, um, record store, I've indulged. The new 2x12 lp from Planetary Assault System (aka Luke Slater) should arrive today. I think I might play the whole release on this week's show.

Monday, June 22, 2009

06.19.09 show

Respect to Leila and Her Weird Friend for filling in and holding it down this past week. Peep the playlist on their blog, and here, and listen again on the WZBC archives page.

I'll be back on air this week, with some new tracks from Joker, Cotti, Milanese, Scuba, and a few oldies too.

Monday, June 15, 2009

06.12.09 show

Some shows are better than others. Last weeks was better than this weeks. Its like that sometimes.

Back in February, I bought a record on the label Do Not Resist the Beat. At that time, juno.co.uk, listed the artist as Minus 126, which was one of the tracks on the record, but boomkat.com listed the artist as Do Not Resist the Beat. Hmm. But DNRTB just released its second record, with a web address stamped on it, which reveals that the artist is Milton Bradley. Hard techno and board games, the guy does it all.

The more techno I play, the more I learn that every techno producer has six different aliases or are in involved in numerous groups. A few weeks back I play a track by O/V/R on the Blueprint label. This week I played a track from the new James Ruskin record, also on Blueprint. Of course, they are one in the same. I'd know this if I did research before the show, not only after when I do this blog.

I'm johnny-come-lately to Osgut Ton. The release from Deuce hipped me to the German label, so to make up for lost time, I played four Osgut Ton releases during this week's show. I thought five would have been overkill.

As I write this, I'm listening to Caspa's Why Not? Special on rinse.fm. Its a must download.

I'm doing my ride this Saturday, if it dosen't rain. Thanks to Leila and Her Weird Friend for sitting in on the 19th and doing proper mixes.