Wednesday, May 27, 2009

05.22.09 show

This week’s play list contained more mp3s than vinyl. If I really dig a song, my preference is to own the vinyl, but if its just an okay track, I’m cool having a digital copy. These days, some of the dubstep/techno producers release songs only on mp3 (or wav or flac). And mp3s don’t cost $$ to ship. Buying new records every week starts to add up, kids. 99 cents for a digital track, or 13 dollars for a twelve inch. You do the math.

Lick the Wrap is one mp3 only label I recently came across while browsing on juno download. There are only four artist on the label (Rare Dynamic, Intention, Derelict, Eleven8) at the moment, and the website reads they will be releasing vinyl soon. I'm going to delve deeper into their catalog, and most likely will be playing more tunes from this Bristol based label in near future.

Redvolume records in Sweden (not to be confused with Norwary as I did on air) posted a few digital exclusive releases on boomkat last week, including the banger 8 Bit Lover from Vesicle. They focus on releasing records from Scandanavian producers, and have put out stuff from the likes of Tes La Rok and L-Wiz. Although the online pics of their releases are small, I'm liking their design and photography, as well as thier music output.

OQTO is yet another recently discoverd (by me anyway) digital-only-producer (ok, he has released a cd, but no vinyl that I find). And just now, as I googled his name to find the link to his myspace page did I learn the dude's Japanese!

Without even realizing it, I played a bunch of tracks (mp3s again) from the minimal techo Lordag label. They are based in Norway, not to be confused with Sweden.

If everything goes according to plan, I'll be doing three hours on the 29th. I'm not training the next morning, and have an itch to drop some acid. Records that is. Took my last trip years ago. I found it really messed with my knowledge of geography.

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